Pixel Heart Recyclable Wrapping Paper

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Wrap your loved ones in pixelated love with this retro heart wrapping paper! Perfect for Valentines Day, this heart wrapping paper is sure to make your gift stand out from the rest. The classic red pixel heart style makes it ideal for the computer game fan or those who get nostalgic about the 80s - It's sure to add a touch for excitement! Spread the love this Valentines Day with some pixelated heart wrapping paper! 

This eco-friendly heart wrapping paper is extra special because it's made completely out of recycled waste paper, meaning no trees were harmed in the making. If you're looking for the perfect way to wrap your gift, why not delight the receiver (and the planet!) with this sustainable heart wrapping paper!


  • 1 LUXURY FOLDED SHEET - Measuring 70cm x 50cm each unique design is printed on high quality 100gsm recycled paper which has a smooth uncoated matte finish. Not only will is look and feel good, its thickness will make wrapping a breeze. 
  • ECO FRIENDLY ALL THE WAY - Made from 100% recycled, plastic-free paper & eco-friendly vegetable inks, this premium wrapping paper is also 100% recyclable and arrives packaged in a biodegradable sleeve. What more could you ask for?
  • 1 TREE PROMISE - For every purchase of this eco-friendly wrapping paper a tree is planted, so the present is not the only gift you will be giving. 

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