Cards From Pets

Shop our collection of greeting cards from pets and find the perfect card to make your loved ones smile. Choose from a variety of designs featuring cats, dogs, and more. Whether you want to celebrate a special occasion or just send a heartfelt message, our cards are perfect for pet lovers and owners.

Introducing our hilarious and heartwarming collection of greeting cards from pets! We've got cards from dogs, cats, and even hamsters (yes, hamsters can be quite poetic). Our cards feature witty and punny messages that will have pet owners howling with laughter and feeling all the warm and fuzzy emotions. Whether you're looking to wish someone a yappy birthday, a pawsome Valentine's Day, or just want to remind them how much their furry friend loves them, we've got the perfect card for you.

Whisker-Twitching Pet Cards for Every Occasion

Whether it's a birthday, Father's Day, or just a day to say "I love you," we have a card that fits the bill, all designed and made in-house by the talented team at Papercrate. From the playful "Yappy Birthday from the Dog" series to the heartfelt "World's Best Dog Mum Medal Card," our range of Cards from Pets is as diverse as our beloved pets themselves. 

Personalised Cards: Because Every Pet is Unique

Do you have a special request or a unique idea in mind? Don't hesitate to reach out! Many of the Cards from Pets designs you see today were influenced by feedback from our wonderful customers. We're always eager to hear your thoughts and to bring your vision to life, creating a card that is as unique as your pet.

Pet Cards for All Pet Lovers

Join the community of pet enthusiasts who have found the perfect way to express their affection through our range of cards from pets. Our designs are a testament to the joy and laughter that pets bring into our lives, offering a little something for everyone, including aunts, uncles, and even the granddads!

We have cards for all types of animals, too, including cards from the dog, cards from the cat and many more. If you don't see your pet represented, let us know as we are more than happy to take requests!

Why Choose Cards from Pets

In a world brimming with digital messages, there's something incredibly heartwarming about receiving a tangible card, especially one that represents the pure love of a pet.

Our Cards from Pets collection brings that warmth, that personal touch to your loved ones, helping you express love, congratulations, or simply a warm hello through the innocent and loving eyes of a pet.

  • Quality: Each pet card is crafted with the utmost care, ensuring a product that is both beautiful and durable.
  • Variety: From cats and dogs to the poetic hamsters, find a card that resonates with every pet lover.
  • Personal Touch: With the option to personalise, your pet greeting card will not just convey a message, but tell a story, a special story between a pet and its human.

Dive into the world of Papercrate's Cards from Pets and discover the joy of gifting a piece of art that is much more than just a card; it's a gesture of love, a sprinkle of joy, and a dash of fun, all encapsulated in a piece of card that stands testament to the unbreakable bond between pets and their humans.

Join the Fun

Dive into our collection and find the card that speaks to you and your pet's personality. Remember, every purchase supports our mission to bring smiles to faces and to foster stronger bonds between pets and their humans.