Recyclable Wrapping Paper

Whatever your gift, make it extra special with our Recyclable Wrapping Paper. Choosing an eco-friendly option doesn't mean it has to be boring! Our stunning range has been hand-picked for anyone who loves vibrant colours, elegant designs and superb quality you can feel. Give a gift that makes a difference and feel guilt-free, with our sustainably sourced Recyclable Wrapping Paper.

Why is wrapping paper important?

Wrapping paper makes the gifting experience extra special because it adds the element of surprise, provides a personal touch, and radiates positivity. Some even consider the gift wrapping experience to be joyous and therapeutic. Wrapping gifts in beautifully designed wrapping paper can provide a great deal of satisfaction, in the way that it is folded and adorned. It makes seeing someone unveil your gift all the more exciting and meaningful.

Gift wrap can make even the most ordinary item appear more compelling and influence a more favourable attitude towards owning the gift - making it just as important as the gift itself (It’s true, first impressions really do count for a lot!) Wrapping a gift starts with wrapping paper, and choosing quality paper can say a lot about you and the gift.

Did you know that not all wrapping paper is recyclable?

Despite the word ‘paper’ being in the name, not all wrapping paper can be recycled, and this is because most wrapping paper contains some form of plastic. 
At Paper Crate, we're proud to only offer high-quality Recyclable Wrapping Paper in our range, meaning you can give your gift responsibly and guilt-free.

Did you know that the UK throws away 227,000 miles of wrapping paper each year? Most of this can't be recycled due to the foil and glitter used for its design, and others use inks that cannot be removed during the recycling process. 

All of the Wrapping Paper in our range is fully recyclable and is made from either recycled paper or sustainably sourced materials. Even the ink we use is non-toxic, plant-based and eco friendly.

Looking to buy Recycled Wrapping Paper?

At Paper Crate, you're spoilt for choice when it comes to buying your recycled wrapping paper.

Many of our designs feature animals, flowers and the best of nature, such as our Festive Birds and Florals Paper, our best selling Sunflower and Bee Wrapping Paper and a whole range of Sloth Wrapping Paper.

We love bright vibrant colours (who wants boring wrapping paper anyway?) so if you do too, then look no further than our Folk Bunnies wrapping paper featuring bouncing bunnies, colourful flowers and vibrant butterflies. Love pink? Check out our range of Pink Wrapping Paper.

Buying recycled wrapping paper for a child? Our Dinosaur Wrapping Paper is a fantastic choice. How about something special for the gamer in your life? We've got you covered there too, as our Game Controller wrapping paper is sure to put a smile on their face.

Other popular colour ranges include Blue Wrapping Paper, ranging from baby blue to deep navy, or our Green Wrapping Paper for the green-fingered person in your life. Looking for something a little more unique? Our Black Wrapping Paper range might surprise you!

And then, of course, are those special occasions. Our Valentine's Wrapping Paper features all the hearts and kisses you'd expect for the most romantic day of the year. Our Christmas Wrapping Paper, on the other hand, needs to introduction!

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