Cute Cards

Are you looking for a delightfully adorable card? Send a smile with our cute card collection! Whether you’re looking for a fun and loveable card or something a little creepy, weird, and wonderful, we’ve got you covered. Our cute cards are perfect for everyone and every occasion!

What Are Cute Cards?

Our cute cards are just that, CUTE! If it's adorable, loveable, and oozes happiness, we stock it in our cute card collection. Cute cards can include anything from animals and food to aliens and inanimate objects - just think how cute the Pixar lamp is.

By their very nature, most cute cards include an animal of some kind, but they are made to look a lot younger with the use of minimal lines and big eyes - puss in boots, eat your heart out. However, the most enjoyable cards are those that include an object that shouldn't have a face, like food. They are given cute animated features and a happy personality, which is funny and sweet.

Who Are Cute Cards For?

We believe cute cards are for everyone, we don't discriminate here. Why should gender or age stop you from enjoying the little pleasantries in life? If a cute card makes you happy then it has served its purpose.

Most people believe that cute cards are either reserved for children or for the more feminine consumer, but everyone has something that they find cute and loveable, don't they? Cute cards are so versatile and are so much more than just cute. They can be humorous, encouraging, celebratory, and fun. What isn't there to love?

Most cute cards are heavily inspired by the Kawaii culture. If you or someone you know is interested in animation, Japanese art, or anime, you just can't go wrong with gifting them a cute card - it's certain to make their day!

What Are The Cutest Cards You Have?

We have a wide selection of cute cards in our range but of course, there are those that we just find cuter. For those buying a cute birthday card for a cat lover who just can't get enough of those adorable fur babies, we have a happy purr day card which has a fun play on words and features the sweetest kitty wearing a party hat. Not only is this card environmentally friendly it also includes a plantable seed token to help feed the bees.

For those all-important dog lovers out there... Whether it be their birthday or a just because occasion, show them how much they mean to you with our someone special dog bouquet card This card is simply the cutest. Featuring a trio of precious puppies nestled amongst a beautiful bouquet of flowers, it's sure to melt your loved one's heart.

Is Valentine's day approaching? or maybe you have an anniversary coming up? Express your love with our cute I love you Soy much! card Your loved one wont be able to resist the sweet looking little soybean surrounded by love hearts.

If you're looking to kick off birthday festivities in the cutest way, look no further than our own exclusive cute animal party birthday card. It is a Kawaii overload! This super cute birthday card is the perfect way to make any person's day. With its eye-catching colours and fun design, it'll be hard for them not to feel extra special.

Are Your Cute Cards Recyclable?

You'll be pleased to know that all of our cute cards are recyclable. Unlike a lot of cards, we only stock those that are plastic free. Not only are our cards recyclable they are also printed using environmentally friendly inks, which makes removing ink from the paper easier and quicker during the recycling process.

When it comes to the environment, we don't stop there. We want to have as little impact on the planet as possible, so we only send out our cards naked or in compostable plant-based sleeves.

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