About Us


We are Paper Crate, a small but motivated company specialising in gift wrap and greeting cards. We believe passionately in the environment, and the longevity of mother Earth but believe it shouldn’t stamp out your ability to creatively express yourself when gift giving, which is why we are committed to bringing you the best designs that sustainable gifting products have to offer.

Our Story
As an eco-conscious consumer I find it extremely difficult to find gifting items that are recyclable. I have to gather items from multiple places, I have to carefully read the details to make sure they are not harmful to the planet (it’s not always clear), and let’s face it, most of the designs are pretty bland and boring. When you think eco-friendly you instantly envision brown paper, plain brown paper at that, poor quality, and high prices.
At Paper Crate we only stock premium quality eco-friendly products that have been trialled and tested, contain no plastic, and are completely recyclable or compostable; all in one place for the convenience that you deserve. 

Our Mission
We believe that it only takes small adjustments to improve our impact on the planet. We help you buy responsibly by making eco-friendly gift wrap the norm.