Gift Wrap

Vibrant designs, quality paper, and eco-friendly, what more could you want from your Gift Wrap? At Paper Crate, we aim to provide recyclable gift wrap without compromising on quality and design choice. That's why our gift wrap range is filled with designs we're certain you will love, featuring passionate reds, elegant blues, and warm yellows.

All of the Gift Wrap in our range is made from either recycled or sustainably sourced paper and is completely recyclable, including the ink! We handpick the most beautiful designs from UK-based suppliers, further reducing our carbon footprint. All of this means that when you buy Gift Wrap from Paper Crate, you can do so whilst minimising your impact on the environment, allowing you to give a gift whilst 'doing your bit.

And what gift wrap is complete without ribbons and bows? Select the best accessories from our full range and just in case you were wondering, that is all plastic-free and eco-friendly too!

Our Gift Wrap Range

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