Christmas wrapping paper

Make this Christmas extra magical with our Recyclable Christmas Wrapping Paper. Choose from a great selection of vibrant and cheerful festive designs, all sustainably sourced and fully recyclable.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, filled with festive food, parties and lots of gifts. But according to a 2013 report by the government, the UK throws away enough wrapping paper at Christmas to stretch to the moon! That's why it's important for all of us to do our bit to make our gift-giving as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.

Christmas Wrapping Paper is used by millions of us every year, adding our own personal touch to the gifts we give to our friends and family. Why not show them how much you care for them and the planet we live on by choosing Recyclable Christmas Wrapping Paper?

Can All Christmas Wrapping Paper be Recycled?

Many people are surprised to find out that not all Christmas Wrapping Paper can be recycled. But it's just paper, right? Well, the problem is what goes onto the paper rather than the paper itself. It's become fashionable to use glitter and foil as part of the paper's designs in recent years, but these materials aren't recyclable meaning that the wrapping paper ends up in the landfill.

Is Paper Crate Wrapping Paper Recyclable?

The founder of Paper Crate is passionate about many things, two of them are Gifting and the Environment. That's why every wrapping paper product in our range is fully recyclable, even down to the inks used for the printing.

Our Christmas Wrapping Paper is also made from either recycled paper or sustainable sources, meaning you can buy from us knowing that you are minimising your impact on the environment this Christmas.

Looking to Buy Recyclable Christmas Wrapping Paper?

You've decided to go for the Eco-Friendly option this Christmas, you superstar! Now you just need to pick which design (or designs) you like the best. We've made it our mission to make recyclable wrapping paper the norm, so you won't find any boring designs here.

For a brighter choice, our Festive Birds wrapping paper features a cheerful array of leaves, baubles and birds, with warming tones of Orange and Green. If you need something more striking, try our Candy Cane Wrapping Paper. With fantastically detailed sweet treats on a contrasting dark background, this unique Christmas Wrapping Paper is sure to get noticed!

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