Pastel Wrapping Paper

Looking for wrapping paper that's a little bit different? Our pastel wrapping paper is perfect for any occasion! With its fun, muted rainbow colours, it's sure to make your gifts stand out from the rest. Not only is it great for birthdays and baby showers, but it's also perfect for anniversaries and even Christmas. Pastel wrapping paper is ideal for those who can't decide on just one colour - with pastel wrapping paper, you can have them all!

When should you use pastel wrapping paper?

Pastel wrapping paper is perfect for making your gifts look pretty and delicate. Easter is a natural fit, of course, but it's also great for baby showers, bridal showers, and even just a regular ol' birthday.

If the occasion is a formal one, pastel wrapping paper probably isn't the best choice. However, if you're wrapping a gift for a baby shower or a child's birthday party, pastels can be an adorable addition. And of course, if you're simply in the mood for some pastel-hued prettiness, there's no reason not to use pastel wrapping paper whenever you please!

Pastel wrapping paper is also great for pastel goths and kawaii fans alike because it appeals to their creepy but cute sense of style and their love for all things cute. You can use pastel wrapping paper to wrap gifts, make art, or just brighten up your day.

Pastel goths can use pastel wrapping paper to add a pop of colour to their dark themed gift, while kawaii lovers can use it to make their already adorable gifts even cuter. No matter how you use it, pastel wrapping paper is sure to please everyone!

The benefits of using pastel wrapping paper

If you're looking for a wrapping paper that's both stylish and functional, pastel wrapping paper is the way to go. Pastel wrapping paper has a lot of benefits that you may not have considered. For one, it's much more gentle on the eyes than brightly coloured wrapping paper. This is especially important if you're wrapping a present for someone with sensitive eyes or are looking for a subtle way to express yourself.

Pastel wrapping paper is also great at creating a coordinated look. If you're wrapping several gifts in different colours of pastel wrapping paper, they'll all look pulled together and intentional - even if they weren't. So next time you're looking for wrapping paper, don't overlook the pastels. They may just be the perfect option for your needs.

What are your pastel wrapping paper options?

Like most wrapping papers, pastel wrapping papers can be as delicate or as intricating designed as you like. Pastel wrapping paper is available in a variety of muted rainbow colours, so whatever you or your recipient's favourite colour may be, rest assured there will be a softer pastel version of it.

Pastel wrapping paper can be one colour or multicoloured for a rainbow effect, they can even have patterns or motifs layered over them. Whatever pastel colour you go for, remember you can always control the gift's impact by using either contrasting or complementary colours in the form of decorative ribbons, wrapping twine and bows.

Is Our Pastel Wrapping Paper Recyclable?

Of course! Our pastel wrapping paper is 100% recyclable, so whether your recipient is a meticulous opener who takes their time to unravel their surprise or an eager beaver who likes to rip it to shreds. It really doesn't matter, it's all heading for the recycling bin.

What Other Wrapping Paper Colours are Available?

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