Sticker with text "Daddy's Little Monster" in playful font.

Daddy's Little Monster Sticker

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Introducing the perfect way to express your love for your little monsters - the Daddy's Little Monster Sticker! This playful sticker is a great way to show your kids that you still love them, even when they're being a pain in the back side. It's also a great way to make their dad smile, or scoff. The adorable design features a little monster dressed as an angel, holding a star-shaped wand - Like butter wouldn't melt. Perfect as a small joke gift and as a sticker that the little ones will adore - they'll just love showing it off and you'll love the amused looks you get from onlookers. So go ahead and pick up this fun Daddy's Little Monster Sticker today!

The Daddy's Little Monster Sticker isn't just cool but also very practical. Vinyl stickers can be stuck to pretty much any surface and the Daddy's Little Monster Sticker is no different; mirrors, containers, books, notebooks - no surface is truly safe. And if you ever need to change the label, no problem! Just peel off the old one and whack on a new one. Easy-peasy! So if you're looking for a way to add a bit of personality to the everyday ordinary items in your life, Daddy's Little Monster Sticker is the way to go!


  • 1 PREMIUM STICKER - Made from vinyl, this kiss-cut sticker measures 8cm by 10cm and has a matt finish. Whilst this sticker has been made primarily for indoor use, it is waterproof, and can last up to 18 months if placed outside. Due to the nature of the sticker type, it is easy to remove and transferable.
  • ECO CREDENTIALS - Each unique design is printed using eco-solvent inks, which are significantly less hazardous than normal solvents.

  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST - Designed by Paper Crate and Proudly Made in the UK

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