Zero-plastic adhesive tape for eco-friendly sealing and packaging.

Sellotape Zero Plastic

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Looking for a way to ditch those pesky plastic cello tapes without sacrificing quality or strength? Say hello to your newest obsession, Sellotape Zero Plastic - your new favorite eco-friendly alternative! Sellotape Zero Plastic is an amazing product that is just as strong and transparent as the original, but is 100% plant-based and plastic-free!

Sellotape Zero Plastic performs just as well as the traditional plastic sellotape but does so without harming the environment - you can finally put an end to those annoying plastic build-ups, all while doing your part for the environment. Finally, a cello tape to feel good about, what's not to love? So make the switch today by choosing Sellotape Zero Plastic and help save our planet!


  • 1 ECO SELLOTAPE ROLL - Measuring 2.4mm x 30m this clear eco-friendly tape is anti-tangle and easy to tear removing the need for scissors or teeth. Sellotape Zero Plastic is proven to be 50% stickier and 20% stronger than its competitors.
    Ideal for improving your office sustainability, these rolls fit all large core tape dispensers.

  • ECO FRIENDLY ALL THE WAY - Supplied on a compostable and biodegradable roll, this sustainable eco tape is made from renewable plant-based material, and natural-based glue and is 100% plastic-free. The sellotape's cellulose film is derived from wood pulp and sourced from PEFC certified sustainable forests. Packaging and tape core are made from recycled cardboard and are recyclable.


*Although the product states it can be torn with ease we don't recommend doing this as it has been known to cause the tape to split. To prevent this issue use scissors.

Disposal Notes

The box and core can be put into the recycling bin and the eco tape itself can be disposed of in industrial composting bins eg food or garden waste bins - It is not suitable for home composting.