How to use Stickers with Notebooks

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Using stickers in a journal or notebook can be a fun and creative way to personalise your journaling experience while adding a splash of colour and style. They’re not just for show either, as incorporating stickers into your notebook can help you become better organised or allow you to track your progress towards a goal or task. There are plenty of ways to incorporate stickers into your journal, and here are some tips to get you started:

Choose stickers for your journaling style and theme.

Spend a few minutes on Etsy, and you’ll quickly find thousands of sticker sheets for all kinds of themes, styles and topics. This makes it easy to find stickers matching your unique style and likes, enhancing your journaling experience.

Bullet Journal with Stickers

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If you're using your journal as a planner or to track your daily habits, consider stickers that reflect those themes, such as to-do lists, habit tracker stickers, or motivational quotes. Bullet Journals are perfect for this, as they encourage you to use creative ways to organise your tasks and progress. On the other hand, if you're using your journal as a creative outlet, choose stickers that match your interests or hobbies, such as stickers of your favourite animals or patterns.

Add colour and style to your journal.

Whether you’re journaling or simply taking notes, writing in a notebook can be a dull experience if you don’t get creative with it. So while stickers can be a great addition to a bullet journal, they also don’t need to have any purpose at all other than making your notebook more fun and engaging.

Notebook with month stickers

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Stickers can be a great way to add some visual interest to your journal, especially if you're using a minimalist journaling style or simply want to make your notebook look more fun. For example, try using stickers to symbolise seasons, such as snow in winter, or mark specific dates, such as balloon stickers for birthdays. You can also use smiley or frowny face stickers (or choose from thousands of other emojis) to reflect your mood at the end of the day without always expressing it in words.

Use stickers to organise your journal.

If you're using your notebook or journal as a planner, you can use stickers to help you stay organised. For example, you might use stickers to mark the week's days or highlight important appointments or deadlines. You can also use stickers to help you categorise types of journal entries, such as using different coloured stickers for varying topics or themes.

Daily trackers are incredibly popular - Habit trackers, fitness trackers and even period trackers, you name it! - and stickers can help you on this journey, as explained below.

Use stickers to mark important events or milestones.

Stickers can be a great way to mark important events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or special achievements. You can also use stickers to mark the beginning or end of a project, or to track your progress over time. This is especially useful with journals used as trackers, as you can use stickers to celebrate reaching a goal, or simply mark the beginning or end of a cycle.

Final Thoughts

Have fun with your stickers! The best part about using stickers in your journal is that you can get creative and have fun with them, so let your imaginations run wild! Experiment with different types and sizes of stickers, and feel free to mix and match different styles to find what works best for you.

In conclusion, stickers can be a great addition to any journal or notebook, whether you're using them for decoration, organisation, or tracking your progress. With some creativity and planning, you can use stickers to make your journaling experience even more enjoyable and personal.

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