We've got all your Christmas gift wrapping needs covered this year, from wrapping paper and twine to gift tags and Christmas cards, get everything you need from Paper Crate.

Conscious Christmas Christmas is a time for giving (and for lots of food!) but the generosity between friends and family comes at a price. Did you know that 83km square of Christmas wrapping paper is thrown away or burned each year? That's enough to wrap up the entire island of Jersey (imagine getting that for Christmas). Also, in the run-up to Christmas, the Royal Mail delivers around 150 million Christmas cards, many of which end up in the bin shortly after the big day.

One solution is to stop giving gifts and cards, but seriously, where's the fun in that? That's why we're committed to keeping Christmas a fun time of year whilst minimising our impact on the environment. Every product in our range is designed to be eco-friendly and plastic-free, including our recyclable Christmas Wrapping Paper and Greeting Cards.

Christmas Wrapping Paper

We're firm believers that Christmas should be fun, so you can expect to see a range filled with vibrant colours and exciting patterns. The Festive Candy Cane paper features a pattern of delicious treats that make it look good enough to eat, whilst the Festive Birds and Florals design will bring a bit of warmth into the home.

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